Application Forms

    This page is a culmination of the forms used when applying for NZOIA's Training and Assessment courses. It is intended to enable quick location of forms only. For further information please visit the specific information page under the Qualifications/Courses drop down menu.

    The 'How to Apply' page should also be read prior to submitting a course application. 


    NZOIA Summary Sheets - Assessments and Training only

    Abseil Leader

    Alpine 1  

    Alpine 2 

    Bush Leader 

    Bush 1 

    Bush 2   

    Canoe Leader

    Canoe Guide

    Canoe 1  

    Canyon Leader

    Canyon 1

    Canyon 2

    Cave Leader

    Cave 1

    Cave 2

    Kayak Leader

    Kayak 1

    Kayak 2

    Multisport Kayak

    Multisport Kayak Endorsement

    Mountain Bike Leader  

    Mountain Bike 1

    Mountain Bike 2

    Overnight Endorsement

    Rock Leader

    Rock 1

    Rock 2

    Sea Kayak Leader

    Sea Kayak Guide

    Sea Kayak 1 & Sea Kayak Instructor Endorsement

    Sea Kayak 2

    Sport Climbing Endorsement

    Sport Climbing



















    Sample Logbook Template


    Prerequisite Experience Forms - Scouts Aotearoa Only:

    Abseil Leader Prerequisite Experience Form

    Bush Leader Prerequisite Experience Form

    Bush Leader & Overnight Endorsement Prerequisite Experience Form

    Canoe Leader Prerequisite Experience Form

    Kayak Leader Prerequisite Experience Form

    Rock Leader Prerequisite Experience Form

    **Example of how to fill in**



    Qualification Revalidation Form

    Link to Revalidation web page for more information


    Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

    Application Form

    He Pikau Matauranga Workbook

    Link to RCC web page for more information   



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