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    Risk Identification

    NZOIA Risk Identification Registers

    Click on the discipline below to see the Risk Identification for NZOIA courses.  These are targeted specifically for a NZOIA course and are only small part of our Safety Management System.  All staff, assessors, participants and model clients must be aware of the risks identified by NZOIA and the Standard Operating Procedures in place to eliminate or minimise them.  Ongoing Risk Identification will occur by the Assessors and the participants (candidates and trainees) relevant to each course and location.  The below Risk ID forms are working documents and will be updated as new risks are reported. Please let the Operations Manager know of any new risks you identify.  Assessors will complete this through course reports, others can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


    Risk ID - Alpine  

     Risk ID - Canyon 

     Risk ID - Rock            

    Risk ID - Bush

    Risk ID - Cave

    Risk ID - Sea Kayak         

    Risk ID - Canoe

    Risk ID - Climbing Wall     

    Risk ID - Natural Hazards

    Risk ID - Mountain Bike

    Risk ID - Kayak

    Risk ID - Driving

    Assessors: refer to the NZOIA SMP and SOP's for Policies and Procedures relating to Risks.

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