Course Applications - How to Apply

    There are a number of steps that should be completed in order to make the application process as smooth as possible.

    1. Become a NZOIA Member

    Check out the Membership page to find out more about NZOIA and how to join. 

    2. Prepare your application

    Look at the Qualification Syllabus to see what pre-requsites are required. 

    Collate electronic copies of your documents onto your computer (or memory stick etc) ready to upload to your course application, including:

    • The applicable log summary sheet - see below (e.g. Bush 1 Summary for a Bush 1 assessment)
    • The relevant sections of your logbook to demonstrate you have the minimum experience criteria
    • A copy of your current First Aid certificate/Outdoor First Aid/PHEC (if we already have one on file for you it will show up when you go to apply).
    • Any other specific certificates/documents as specified in individual syllabus (e.g. copy of your VHF cert for Sea Kayak, copy of Avalanche cert for Alpine).

    Please see the course calendar, and click on the course you are interested in, for a list of specific application documents required for that course. 

    3. Apply online through the Course Calendar

    Complete applications must be received at least six weeks prior to the course date - check the CLOSING DATE on the course calendar.

    Log into your membership profile, locate the course you want on the Course Calendar and click on the Apply button.

    If you want to apply, and then upload some documents at a later date you can revisit your Course Applications by going to your dashboard.

    4. Pay your fees before the closing date

    At the end of the application process you will have an opportunity to pay for your course. If your workplace/organisation is paying then you may 'request an invoice'. Payment will still need to be received prior to the closing date regardless of individual or workplace payment.

    Please be aware that applications are accepted on a first in, with COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION & FEE, first accepted basis.

    Training Courses - Non-Members 

    You may apply for a Training course if you are not a member of NZOIA, but you will need to contact the office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 03 5390508 to arrange your enrolment. 


    Risk Disclosure Form

    As part of your application you will be asked to complete a Risk Disclosure and Health Form. Please click on the link below to view a copy of this disclosure. If you have applied for a course online, you will have filled out an online version of the Risk Disclosure document and it is not necessary to upload this to your application. 

    Risk Disclosure Form

    Log Books

    Log Books will need to be submitted in an electronic format and uploaded to your course application. This allows the assessor to view your logbook online when you apply for the course.

    Save this document to your computer, then upload it using the file upload facility as part of your application - for help see: How do I upload my assessment documents? on the FAQ page.

    If you have a hand written log it is preferred that you transfer the information to an electronic programme (such as word or excel) or scan the document to your computer.

    Logbooks come in many different styles, we understand that people choose a style that works for them and their pursuit. However, at times we may ask for more detail. NZOIA needs to be able to see easily: the number of personal days, instructional days, the type of trip and what kind of groups you have been working with. You can download a logbook template that works well for us from the Application Forms page.

    Summary Sheets

    Summary Sheets are designed for assessors and admin staff to see your experience and prerequisite days at a glance. This reduces admin time and in turn your course fees! Please ensure you fill these out so they match your logbook. Click on the link below to view the full list of discipline specific summary sheets for each of the different qualifications.

    List of Summary Sheets

    First Aid Certificate

    If we have a current first aid certificate on file for you, this will show up automatically as part of your application. If not, then please scan and upload your First Aid Certificate.  It is best if you do this every time you refresh your first aid, that way we always have a current copy on file for you.

    For a First Aid certificate to be acceptable as a prerequisite, it must be a minimum of 12 hours or 2 day course including some direct contact with course tutors, or a minimum of 6 hours for first aid refresher courses. 

    Other Documents

    Some courses require additional documentation. Please ensure you read the syllabus and the course prerequisites to check which documents you need.

    Assessment Resources 

    It is recommended that you read the assessment resources below (if they apply to the assessment you are sitting).

    Kayak Set-Up

    Sea Kayak Set-Up
    Sea Kayak Review Questions

    Feedback Methods


    An overview of course costs can be found here. Alternatively, you can find them on the course calendar listings - click on the course link.

    Please note, candidates are responsible for other costs associated with attending courses such as; accommodation (including hut and/or camping fees), food, transport, pool entry fee etc. 

    To view our fees policies, click here

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