Course Applications - How to Apply

    1. Become a NZOIA Member

    2. Select appropriate course through Course Calendar

    This will outline everything you need to know; duration, cost, location and what is required to complete your application. You will also find links to the Scope and Syllabus documents which outline prerequisite requirements. If you are unable to attend a scheduled assessment, refer to the information under Custom course

    3. Apply EARLY!

    Applications need to be approved by the closing date; we may need time to give you feedback on your application. Click APPLY, Ideally you will have all the required documentation ready to upload at the time of applying (e.g. first aid certificate, and for assessments summary sheet, logbook etc).

    To upload documents or update health information after submitting your application, you can access your application through My Course Applications under the Members tab.

    4. Completing your Application

    Fill in the health information and risk disclosure and click SUMBIT APPLICATION

    This will take you to Order Detalis. Select one of the three options:

    • Pay by Credit Card
    • Request an Invoice (at least a month ahead if you want your organisation to pay or for those wanting to use internet banking)
    • Already Paid (also select this if you already have an invoice and would like to pay via internet banking)

    5. Application Acknowledgement

    You will receive an Application Acknowledgement via email to confirm your application has gone through, and we will be in touch within 1-3 business days. 

    Completed application documents and payment must be received by the application closing date which is 6 weeks prior to course commencement. Your place will be secured once your application and payment is complete.

    Endorsements (such as the Sport Climbing Endorsement for Rock 1) can be applied for through the Assessment Calendar or by arranging a Free Range Assessment.

    Whether you are doing a scheduled NZOIA Assessment, Custom Assessment or Free Range Assessment, all the prerequisites outlined in the Scope and Syllabus, must be met prior to sitting the qualification. 


    Application Documents


    Logbooks come in many different formats and we understand that people choose a style that works for them. You need to clearly identify the prerequisite requirements in your logbook. For example: Alpine 1 logbook prerequisite: at least 20 days personal alpine experience including at least 5 nights camping in the snow. Identify personal days from instructional and course training days and number them to 20, with dates and location. Hightlight the 5 nights camping in the snow.

    Check out the NZOIA Online Logbook on the Members tab. This logbook is automatically visible on your application, and does not need to be uploaded. If you ever need to make a copy, it is easily downloaded into an Excel document.

    There is also an Excel logbook template found under Application Forms

    Summary Sheets

    Summary Sheets are designed for Assessors and admin staff to see your experience and prerequisite days at a glance. This reduces administration time and in turn your course fees! Please ensure you fill these out so they match your logbook. 

    First Aid Certificate

    If we have a current First Aid certificate on file for you, this will show up automatically as part of your application. If not, then please upload your First Aid certificate.  It is best if you do this every time you refresh your First Aid, that way we always have a current copy on file for you.

    Other Documents

    Some courses require additional documentation. Please ensure you read the Scope and Syllabus and course prerequisites to check which documents you need. Scope and Syllabuses can be found under each discipline under the Qualifications/Courses tab. 

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