Canoe Qualification Pathway

    Canoe Diagram

    Canoe Leader

    The NZOIA Canoe Leader can lead canoe activities using solo and tandem open canoes, with single bladed paddles on flat or sheltered water with little or no wind present or forecast at the selected site. Locations include estuaries, river deltas, sheltered beaches, lakes, coastal inlets and swimming pools. This also includes rivers when the flow and the hazards present no greater risk than flat water.

    Canoe Leader Scope and Syllabus

    Canoe Guide

    The NZOIA Canoe Guide can guide multi-day canoe trips on rivers with up to class 2 white water, and guide groups in solo and tandem open canoes. They can work independently without direct supervision and within an activity and location specific Safety Management Plan.

    Canoe Guide Scope and Syllabus

    Canoe 1

    The NZOIA Canoe 1 can organise, guide and instruct multi-day canoe trips on river trips with up to class 2 white water. They can also manage and teach canoe river rescue skills on class 2 white water.

    Canoe 1 Scope and Syllabus

    Photo Credits: Top - Wilderness Canoe Trust; Middle & Bottom - Simon Dixon
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