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    Model Client

    Are you interested in some FREE training in the outdoors?!

    Participating as a 'Model Client' is a great opportunity for groups and individuals to experience outdoor activities and learn skills, while their Instructors or Guides are being assessed.
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    About Model Client Days

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    What are 'Model Client' days?
    NZOIA delivers assessments for outdoor instructors and guides, enabling them to gain a nationally recognised qualification in the discipline level being assessed. Those being assessed are referred to as 'Candidates'.

    Each assessment requires a group of 'Model Clients' so Assessors can observe candidates delivering a session with real clients. They will be  assessed on their competence, group management, instruction and people skills, in an authentic, safe and controlled environment.

    Model Client opportunities are offered in: 
    Alpine, Bush (Tramping), Canoe, Canyon, Cave, Rock, Mountain Bike, Multisport Kayak, Whitewater Kayak and Sea Kayak.

    The day generally runs from 9am - 3pm.

    What to expect
    Times, location, equipment and costs
    Experience Needed
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    Info for Individuals
    Risk Identification
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