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    The quality of our assessor pool is the foundation of our credibility and top reputation. Our Assessors are amongst the most highly regarded, qualified and experienced people in our sector.  Becoming an NZOIA assessor is the pinnacle of achievement for an outdoor instructor in New Zealand and recognition of the highest level of competence, and the ability to judge competence in others. The process of assessing and qualifying leaders and instructors is a significant responsibility.

    How to become a NZOIA Assessor

    Assessors need to be highly competent practitioners with a rich history of experience and expertise to pass on to others. This means that personal recreational experience is important as well as extensive logged instructional or guiding time.

    The Technical Subcommittee oversees the selection of assessors and the Operations Manager manages the advertising and selection process, which includes consideration of NZOIA’s needs, e.g. the geographic spread of assessors and demand for assessments. Retaining a relatively small assessor pool is an important factor in maintaining quality control and moderation.

    There are two ways to become a NZOIA assessor:

    1. NZOIA has a demand to increase its assessor pool in a particular discipline or location and advertises for Assessors. When this happens you may contact the Operations Manager for an application.
    2. A workplace or area has a demand to have a Leader Level assessor in their workplace or community. Contact the Operations Manager for application documents, which are welcome at any time and are considered on the basis of:
      a) Meeting all selection process requirements.
      b) Providing evidence of sufficient demand for your services (8 candidates per every two years for each discipline you assess in).

    For the prerequisites and further information please contact the Operations Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Assessor training and development pathway

    If your assessor application is accepted there is a training pathway to follow:


    Attend and pass a NZOIA generic Assessor Training and Moderation Course – this covers generic principles of assessment, risk management, and NZOIA ethos and systems.



    Be mentored through by experienced NZOIA Assessors:

    For Leader qualifications, the new Assessor runs the entire assessment under the guidance of a coach who is an experienced NZOIA Assessor.

    For NZOIA 1 Assessors this involves observing and contributing to an assessment run by experienced Assessors, including discussions on the benchmark and delivering parts of the assessment whilst being coached by the Course Director. 


    NZOIA 1 Course Director – To progress towards becoming a Course Director the NZOIA 1 Assessor must complete one assessment as an observer and another as a second Assessor and be recommended by the Course Director. 


    NZOIA 2 Assessor – To progress towards becoming a NZOIA 2 Assessor NZOIA will advertise a need in a certain discipline.  The Assessor will have to meet the application criteria as listed on the application documents.  The Assessor will need to have completed three NZOIA 1 assessments as Course Director with favorable reports from the Operations Manager.


    NZOIA 2 Course Director – To progress towards a Course Director the NZOIA 2 Assessor can either:

    • Be a second Assessor on a NZOIA 2 assessment and get favourable reports from the Course Director.
    • Choose to co-assess on a single Assessor assessment without pay and get favourable reports from the Course Director.


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