Free Range Courses

    Everything you need to know about Free Range courses!
    A Free Range Assessment (for Leader, Climbing Wall and Endorsement assessments only) or Free Range Refresher is when you liaise directly with a NZOIA Assessor.

    You negotiates the fee, time and location with the Assessor. 

    This provides you with flexibility to have an assessment or refresher at a convenient time and place. It can sometimes help reduce the costs of travelling to an NZOIA calendar course.

    The Free Range model is ideal for organisations wanting to get a number of staff qualified or revalidated at the same time, or for individuals.  There are extra requirements for refreshers to ensure the learning experience is optimised.

    Free Range Assessments

    Free Range Assessments are available for the following NZOIA assessments:

    • All Leader qualifications
    • All Endorsements; Sport Climbing Endorsement, Multisport Kayak Endorsement
    • Climbing Wall Supervisor and Monitor Lead Endorsement


    $150 Free Range Assessment fee plus any Assessor fees and expenses.

    The Free Range Assessment fee is a contribution towards the NZOIA qualification system.  It goes towards qualification development and reviews, Assessor training and moderation, resources, certificates and administration.

    You are required to be a Registered Member to attend a Free Range Assessment (or be listed under a NZOIA Affiliated or NZOIA Climbing Wall Membership).

    *Affiliated Members receive a discounted Free Range Assessment fee of $50 per person.

    The Assessor may include the Free Range Assessment fee as part of their fees (they then pay this to NZOIA on your behalf), or you can pay the fee separately – this is up to you and the Assessor to decide how you wish to do this.

    A list of NZOIA Assessors can be found on our website under Find Assessor. Click on their name for further details.


    • Review the Scope and Syllabus for the qualification.
    • Decide on a range of dates and a location.
    • Contact an Assessor to negotiate date, location and fee. Ascertain if they or you will pay the NZOIA Free Range Assessment fee.
    • If required, contact NZOIA to request an invoice for the Free Range Assessment fee.
    • Join NZOIA as a Registered Member through the website if you are not already a member.
    • Sit the assessment.
    Free Range Refreshers
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