Cave Leader

    The holder of this qualification can organise and manage trips of up to 3 hours duration in horizontal caves where a maximum drop height of 3m is not exceeded.  The cave must have easy access in and out for group management and in case of an emergency.  The trips will be on well established routes.  A low flow streamway may be encountered that does not require swimming or deep water management.

    The cave leader can rig, instruct and manage simple handlines to assist clients on short vertical steps.

    Two day assessment.

    Cave Leader Scope and Syllabus

    Cave 1

    The holder of this qualification can organise and instruct groups in horizontal caves where short  vertical single pitches are expected and active streamways may be encountered.  Short vertical pitches include only those where there is a clear line of sight and voice communication between the top and bottom person at all times.

    The Cave 1 instructor can rig and instruct the use of ladders, abseiling and belaying techniques to negotiate vertical pitches.  Deep and moving water management techniques can be used to negotiate the active streamways.

    Two-day assessment.

    Cave 1 Scope and Syllabus

    Cave 2

    The holder of this qualification can organise, manage and instruct all aspects of caving including multi-pitch experiences in deep caves where wet pitches may be experienced and run comprehensive SRT courses. 

    Three-day assessment.

    Cave 2 Scope and Syllabus

    Photo Credits: Neil Silverwood
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