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    NZOIA qualifications are recognised throughout NZ as the industry standard.

    We are the qualification body for ten outdoor activities or disciplines with three levels of qualification.

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    Regarded by employers throughout NZ
    as the benchmark of professionalism.

    NZOIA is the professional body for outdoor instructors, leaders and
    guides and has promoted excellence in outdoor instruction for 30+ years.

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    Excellence in Outdoor Leadership

    Providing qualifications and training for New Zealand’s outdoor leaders
    through an internationally recognised assessment and registration body since 1987.

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    Excellence in Outdoor Leadership!

    NZOIA is the qualification body for 10 outdoor disciplines. There are 3 levels to each qualification, which are recognised nationally as the industry standard. 

    NZOIA has developed outdoor instructing and guiding in New Zealand into a profession, through a commitment to training, standards, currency, and a code of ethical practice. Assessment, through formal peer review of instruction and guiding practices, has improved our way of working. We are responsible for promoting the highest standards of outdoor instruction and guiding, and striving to ensure that outdoor activity participants enjoy quality experiences.


    NZOIA Membership and Course Fees Policy


    Course fees must be paid in full by the application closing date, which is 6-8 weeks before the course begins.

    Applications are accepted on a first in (with complete documentation and payment in full), first accepted basis. We strongly recommend paying and completing documentation as soon as possible to confirm your place on the course. 

    When you have applied for a course, you are taken to our secure payment page where you can pay via credit card, or request an invoice and pay via internet banking. 

    Course Fees Refund

    If you withdraw before the closing date, you will receive a full refund of your fee or you may transfer it to another course.

    If we decline your application because the course is full or you do not meet the required prerequisites, you will receive a full refund of your fee or free transfer to another course. 

    If NZOIA cancels a course, you will receive a full refund of your fee or free transfer to another course. If you paid for a new membership at the same time, we will refund your membership if you wish.

    If you withdraw after the closing date of a course, the fee is non-refundable. It is transferable only under exceptional circumstances, less a $50 cancellation fee.

    Course fee is transferable for the same applicant and course withdrawn from, under the following circumstances:

    • Bereavement of an immediate family member (spouse/partner, parent, child, sibling, in-law, grandparent or grandchild)
    • Medical Emergency/accident requiring surgery or hospitalisation for the applicant or the applicant’s spouse/partner or child
    • Serious injury/medical event that prevents participation in the course (e.g. fracture, serious sprain, serious head injury/concussion)
    • COVID-19 Symptoms the day before or during a course 
    • Required to isolate the day before or during a course due to:
      • Testing positive for COVID-19
      • Being notified as a Household contact

    A credit note will be issued which must be used during the following two membership years, expiring on 30 June. Medical certificates/other proof will be required. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

    Cancellation fees are charged to help recoup some of the costs resulting in the withdrawal (e.g. loss of income and administration processing). After the closing date, NZOIA is committed to a number of fixed overheads in running the course (assessor fees, flights etc.) which is why the fee becomes non-refundable. Fee transferals under exceptional circumstances after the closing date is a gesture of good will in your time of need, and usually results in a loss absorbed by NZOIA due to course expenses being greater than income.

    All credit notes must be used (or refunded if applicable) during the following two membership years, expiring on 30 June. 

    Other Costs

    Candidates have additional costs associated with:

    • Transport to and from the course, and during the course.

    • Food

    • Accommodation, including any hut fees.

    The course fee covers less than 50% of the costs to run the qualification scheme. 
    This includes: 
       (1) Assessors fees, and expenses of travel to the venue, food and accommodation. 
       (2) Organisational and administrative costs.
       (3) Operational costs of the Technical Sub Committee - the group responsible for monitoring,  
             developing and managing the qualification scheme. 
    NZOIA absorbs over 50% of the course scheme costs. This is achieved through significant effort being invested by the board and staff to reduce costs and access funding from organisations such as Sport NZ.



    Membership is not considered current until payment has been made in full. 

    Members with current qualifications must maintain full membership to keep their qualifications active as part of the registration and revalidation process. If you no longer instruct in a particular discipline, or are temporarily out of the workforce (such as for child care or an overseas trip), then you may put your qualifications ‘on hold’ until you require them in future. If all qualifications are on hold you may downgrade to Associate Membership.

    Annual membership fees are valid from 1 July to 30 June. 

    New members who join from 1 April will be valid until 30 June the following year. New members who join from January to March will receive 50% off the current membership year fee.

    Renewal invoices are issued in May and due on 1 July. Unpaid members qualifications as at 30 September will become inactive. Unpaid renewal invoices are written off in January.

    As per the constitution, members who wish to resign must do so in writing.

    If NZOIA cancels a course or declines your application and you paid for a new membership at the same time, we will refund your membership if you wish.


    All credit notes must be used (or refunded if applicable) during the following two membership years, expiring on 30 June. 


    Credit Notes

    Credit Notes can only be applied to purchases as stipulated on the credit note and may expire dependent on the terms outlined on the credit note. NZOIA will send out notification of credit notes every 3 months. All credit notes must be used (or refunded if applicable) during the following two membership years, expiring on 30 June. Expired credit notes will be written off.


    Privacy Policy


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