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    For outdoor operators requiring a qualified staff and/or volunteer team.


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    Affiliated Membership benefits

    The Adventure Activity Regulations and Health and Safety at Work Act have meant more outdoor operators are seeking qualified staff.  NZOIA Affiliated Membership is a low-cost and flexible membership option for outdoor operators, offering guides and instructors access to NZOIA leader qualifications and membership benefits. The tiered pricing structure makes it easy for any operator to ensure they have the qualified workforce they require, without having to pay for or register staff for Individual Membership. 

    Who is it for?

    Affiliated Membership is for outdoor operators who:

    • rely on a skilled pool of instructors or guides
    • have instructors or guides operating unsupervised under a safety management plan
    • have a staff or volunteer team of more than five

    Qualifications Offered

    The leader qualification is the only level that can be obtained under an Affiliated Membership.  It is suited to those with staff or volunteers who are working without direct supervision within a defined operational area and under an activity and site specific risk management plan. The disciplines that NZOIA offer Leader Level Qualifications in are:

    • Sea Kayak
    • Rock Climbing
    • Abseil
    • Bush Walking
    • Canoe
    • Kayak
    • Cave
    • Mountain Bike

    Assessor Pathways for Staff

    Staff that hold a NZOIA 1 qualification can apply to be a Leader Assessor. This is excellent professional development allowing staff that have been accepted as assessors to deliver training and assessment to any NZOIA member, including members within their own operation. They will also be involved in moderating with other assessors within the same field.   

    To become an NZOIA Leader Assessor, individuals are required to:

    1.  Hold a current NZOIA 1 qualification in the discipline they wish to assess

    2.  Apply and be accepted to become an assessor

    3.  Attend and pass a one day Assessor Training Workshop

    4.  Run an entire assessment under the guidance of a coach who is a NZOIA Senior Assessor

    5.  Deliver assessments for a minimum of eight candidates biannually

    6.  Participate in ongoing moderation and assessor currency requirements

    Find out more about how to become an assessor

    Affiliated Membership Fees

    The tiered pricing structure is dependent on the number of staff who already hold current Leader qualification(s) and those who will be assessed within the membership year.



    Annual Affiliated membership fee

    Assessment fee *

    (Assessor fee & expenses will be in addition)

    Total Initial Cost to outdoor operator

    (Excluding assessor fees/expenses)

    Up to 10 people




      5 people




      10 people




    11-20 people




      11 people




      20 people




    over 20 people




      21 people




      30 people




    Assessment Process and Fees

    Leader Assessments can be delivered through the Free Range Assessment model or with assistance from NZOIA under the Custom Assessment model.

    A Free Range Assessment is when the operators liaise directly with a NZOIA Assessor. They negotiate the fee, time and location with the assessor. To find out more about how to set up a Free Range assessment click here.

    A Custom Course on the other hand is where the operator approaches NZOIA with the number of staff they would like to qualify and NZOIA will liaise with the assessor/s and organise logistics for the course. This is the preferred option for those wanting to qualify more than eight staff/volunteers at once. To find out more about how to set up a Custom Assessment click here.  

    An Assessor Fee is usually $375 per day plus expenses (i.e. travel, accommodation etc)  

    How does Affiliated Membership work?

    Outdoor operator registers online under one of the three pricing tiers depending on how many guides or instructors they have

    Training and Assessment needs get discussed and scheduled

    Guides and Instructors become qualified

    Every three years, guides and instructors revalidate their qualifications

    Guides and Instructors with a NZOIA 1 qualification can apply to be a Leader Assessor


    Affiliated Membership Process Flowchart



    What happens when staff change from season to season? 

    Employers can manage the staff on their Affiliated Membership by adding new employees when they arrive or taking them off when they leave. If the number of staff exceeds the limit on their Affiliated Membership, outdoor operators can upgrade to the next tier. 

    What benefits do I get as an Affiliated Member?

    •         The NZOIA magazine ‘The Quarterly’
    • The weekly newsletter ‘NZOIA 4YA’
    • Access to discounts on publications and products stocked by NZOIA
    • Access to discounted Training Courses
    • The right to apply to be an NZOIA Assessor/Trainer
    • Use of the NZOIA logo

    -          As an employer with Affiliated Membership, what do I need to ensure?

    -          NZOIA communications (i.e. 4YA and Quarterly) are accessible to all staff. This is our way of keeping members informed of the latest industry updates.

    -          When staff depart, they receive information about revalidating their qualification and renewing membership if they wish to retain their qualification.

    When staff leave, what options do they have to retain their qualification?

    They can either become registered under another outdoor operators Affiliated Membership or register as an individual member with NZOIA.

    Is there any funding available that you know of for getting staff or volunteers NZOIA qualified?

    Depending on what type of business/organisation you are, there are community groups who offer support for things like assessment fees. It is a matter of approaching your local groups ie Lions Foundation and Rotary Clubs to see how to apply for these types of grants.

    I work for an outdoor provider that I think would benefit from Affiliated Membership. Are there ways that staff and employers can share the cost?

    Yes, it is possible to share the cost of membership and assessment fees. This is something that would need to be negotiated with your employer.


    Membership and Registration Terms and Conditions

    Click here to veiw NZOIA's Membership and Registration Terms and Conditions


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