Free Range Training Course

    Free Range Training is available for the following NZOIA training courses:

    - River Rescue 1

    - River Rescue 2

    The Free Range Training Courses occur when the trainee/s liaise directly with a NZOIA Assessor. The trainee negotiates the fee, time and location with the assessor.  This provides the trainee with flexibility to have a training course at a convenient time and place.  The Free Range model is ideal for organisations wanting to get a number of staff trained at the same time. It will also work for individuals and we suggest getting a few people together to attend the training with you for a greater learning experience and cost efficiency.

    Each trainee pays NZOIA a fee of $50 per person to cover administration and assessor training and moderation costs. The NZOIA Assessor may include the $50 per person fee as part of their fees (they then pay this to NZOIA on your behalf), or you can pay the $50 fee separately – this is up to you and the assessor to decide how you wish to do this.



    - Decide on a date, and have a few back-up options in case that date does not work for the assessor. NZOIA needs at least one months’ notice that the Training is taking place

    - Contact an NZOIA Assessor who holds Kayak 2 (and Canoe 1 if appropriate) to negotiate date, location and fee. Ask whether they will include the $50 NZOIA candidate fee in their fees or whether they want you to pay it separately to NZOIA.

    - Ask the Assessor to send NZOIA a Course Request

    - If required, contact NZOIA to request an invoice for your NZOIA Free Range Training Course fee/s

    - Attend the Training Course

    - Reporting: The Assessor will complete the reporting requirements and present you with a completion certificate.

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