Revalidation Hierarchy

    When you revalidate a qualification, it also revalidates any lower level qualification/s you hold in the same discipline. Click on the qualification below, to see what lower qualifications also revalidates.


    Alpine 2
    • Alpine 1


    Bush Leader - Overnight Endorsement
    • Bush Leader
    Bush 1
    Bush 2


    Canoe 1
    • Canoe Leader


    Canyon 1
    • Canyon Leader
    Canyon 2


    Cave 1
    • Cave Leader
    Cave 2

    Climbing Wall

    Climbing Wall Supervisor: Monitor Lead Climbing Endorsement
    • Climbing Wall Supervisor

    Mountain Bike

    Mountain Bike 1
    • Mountain Bike Leader
    Mountain Bike 2

    Sea Kayak

    Sea Kayak Guide
    • Sea Kayak Leader
    Sea Kayak 1
    Sea Kayak 2


    Rock 1
    • Rock Leader
    • Abseil Leader
    • Climbing Wall Supervisor
    Rock 1: Sport Climbing Endorsement
    Sport Climbing
    Rock 2


    Artificial Whitewater Kayak
    • Kayak Leader
    • Flatwater Kayak
    Multisport Kayak
    Kayak 1
    Kayak 1: Multisport Kayak Endorsement
    Kayak Class III River Management
    Kayak 2
    Kayak 2: Multisport Endorsement
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