3384: Multisport Kayak Refresher Workshop

    This is a one-day workshop to revalidate your Multisport Kayak qualification.

    Course ID:3384
    Start Date:06-05-2023
    End Date: 06-05-2023
    Closing Date: 24-03-2023
    Member Price: 215.00
    Course Discipline: Multisport Kayak
    Qualification: Multisport Kayak
    Location: North Island
    Course Type: Revalidation

    What is required to complete the application process:
    Current Membership to NZOIA
    Medical Disclosure (you will fill this in as part of your online application).
    Logbook - Kayak
    Applicable Qualification

    The purpose of this Refresher Workshop is to:

    • Exchange knowledge and ideas with other course members
    • Learn new skills and techniques, both from the Assessor and the other course members
    • Be updated in terms of current good practice under the scope of the qualification

    The workshop will include:

    • Any changes to the syllabus
    • Any technical advances or developments in the discipline

    The workshop could include:

    • New equipment and its uses and disadvantages
    • Participants teaching topics related to the syllabus that expand the learning of all
    • Tasks to perform that extend your skills and focus on development within the qualification
    • Hot Tips

    Scope and Syllabus 

    NZOIA subsidises all courses by sourcing funding through organisations such as Sport NZ.

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