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1951: Canyon Leader Training

Canyon Leader Training

Course ID:1951
Start Date:08-12-2018
End Date: 09-12-2018
Closing Date: 26-10-2018
Member Price: 415.00
Non-member Price: 515.00
Course Discipline: Canyoning
Qualification: Canyon Leader
Course Type: Training

What is required to complete the application process::
  • Health and Risk Disclosure Form (you will fill this in as part of your online application).
  • NZOIA Canyon Summary Sheet
  • Logbook - Canyon

Location: Nelson

This is a two-day course to help prepare candidates for a Canyon Leader assessment.

The holder of this qualification can lead and manage trips of up to 4 hours duration in easy vertical and aquatic canyons (V2A2I)* in normal conditions. The canyon leader must be inducted into the site and it is recommended this is completed by a NZOIA Canyon 1 or 2.

The access to the canyon is on well-formed tracks. The canyon must have easy escape from flow throughout in case of an emergency.

The canyon leader can abseil clients down dry pitches on very easy terrain with no chance of foot entrapments. The abseil must be able to be operated with verbal communication from top to bottom.

In addition the canyon leader can assist a NZOIA Canyon 1 or 2 holder in moderate vertical and aquatic canyons (V3A3II)* in normal conditions

Canyon Leader Syllabus

Find the Canyon Summary Sheet here

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