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    NZOIA Reponse to COVID-19 - Updated 12 August 2020 

    At the time of writing the Ministry of Health reports a total of 1,574 cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand.  There are twenty six active cases.

    Due to four new positive cases of COVID-19 of unknown origin, as of midday Wednesday, August 12, the Auckland region (from Wellsford in the north to Pukekohe in the south) has moved to Alert Level 3 for 3 days until midnight on Friday 14 August. The rest of NZ has moved to Alert Level 2.

    Specific advice for Play, Active Recreation and Sport at the different alert levels can be found on Sport NZ’s website and this will be updated as new information comes to hand.


    NZOIA Office and Course Updates

    Advice for Members

    Assistance Available


    Auckland: At Alert Level 3 – Restrict:

    • you are encouraged stay and work from home if you can
    • Businesses are able to open, but should not physically interact with customers
    • Public venues should close. This includes libraries, museums, cinemas, food courts, gyms, pools, playgrounds and markets.
    • School students are encouraged to learn from home.
    • When you’re out and about, maintain physical distancing of 2 metres outside your home, including on public transport.
    • It is highly recommended that you wear a mask if you are out and about.
    • Public transport can continue to operate with strict health and safety requirements. You should maintain physical distancing and wearing a mask.
    • Gatherings of up to 10 people can continue, but only for wedding services, funerals and tangihanga. Physical distancing and public health measures should be maintained.
    • If you are currently in Auckland and do not live in Auckland, you should go home. Practise good hygiene and be conscious of your health. It is recommend that you keep your bubble small.
    • Low risk recreation activities can continue
    • Detailed information about life at Alert Level 3.

    Rest of New Zealand: At Alert Level 2 - Reduce:

    • you can still go to work and school, but you should:
      • keep your distance from other people in public
      • wash your hands
      • sneeze and cough into your elbow
      • keep a track of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen
      • wear a mask if you can
    • Businesses can open to the public if they are following public health guidance, which include physical distancing and record keeping.
    • People at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 are encouraged to take additional precautions when leaving home.
    • No more than 100 people at gatherings, including weddings, birthdays, funerals and tangihanga.
    • If you're unwell:
      • If you’re sick, stay home. Don’t go to work or school. Don’t socialise.
      • If you have symptoms of cold or flu call your doctor or Healthline and get advice about being tested.
      • If you have been told to self-isolate you must do so immediately.
    • Specific exercise, sport and recreation advice for level 2 on the following sites:
    • Detailed information about life at Alert Level 2.


    Protect yourself and others from COVID-19

    Strict border measures will remain as COVID-19 is uncontrolled in many areas overseas. The new cases have emerged through the NZ border are a reminder that COVID-19 is still a threat to NZ.  There are four key areas to the NZ elimination strategy we can help with:



    NZOIA Office Updates

    Courses - At this stage NZOIA Courses outside of Auckland can still operate under Level 2. We will be reviewing our Risk Management of COVID-19 on NZOIA Courses and will have an update shortly.

    Symposium – We are watching unfolding events closely and will provide an update on the Symposium over the coming days.

    Membership – Annual membership and registration fees were due on the 1 July 2020.  There are a couple of options to assist you maintain your membership and registration if you experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19:

    • spread out your Full or Associate Member payments over 4 instalments.  Due on 1 July, 1 Aug, 1 Sep and 1 Oct.  We will renew your membership once the first payment has been made.
    • downgrade to Associate Membership and put your qualifications on hold if you are no longer in employment.  You can upgrade to a Full Member once you are back in the workforce.

    Applications and Course Fees – The 2021 calendar is live.  If your course has been cancelled you can choose to transfer your application to a future course, hold your fee in credit or request a full refund of your fee which we will honour as soon as we can.  All those enrolled on cancelled Refresher Workshops had their qualification extended for 6 months.

    Revalidation - Due to the timely implementation of the revalidation review all members who had qualifications expiring on the 30 June 2020 have been given a year extension and are now due on the 30 June 2021.  If your qualification is ‘on hold’ until the 30 June 2020 we can extend that another 6 months to give you a chance to attend a Refresher Workshop before the 31 December 2020.  Just drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make the changes to your membership profile. 

    Deferment/Reassessment or Training Pathways – The NZOIA Technical Sub Committee has extended all reassessments and training pathways due, until the 31 December 2020.  There is no need to contact us as we will do this automatically.         


    Advice for Members

    At Alert Level 3 (Auckland) there is a high risk the disease is not contained. Community transmission might be happening. New clusters may emerge but can be controlled through testing and contact tracing. People instructed to stay home in their bubble other than for essential personal movement — including to go to work/school if they have to or for local recreation. Unfortunately, this means outdoor recreation programmes and courses will need to cease.

    At Alert Level 2 (Rest of NZ) the disease is contained, but there is a risk of community transmission. Gatherings are limited to 100 people in a defined space. Outdoor recreation programmes and courses need to ensure they are following the below Government measures.

    Government Measures to be taken against COVID-19 at Alert Level 3 and Level 2

    Sport NZ Play, active recreation and sport at different Alert Levels

    Sport NZ Contact Tracing Guidance and Template

    Sport NZ Hygiene and Sanitation Guidance

    Mountain Safety Council COVID-19 Outdoor Activity guidance continues to collate information on what recreation is permitted in your region and what restrictions there are due to non COVID-19 reasons e.g. Kauri dieback.

    Due for an audit or surveillance?

    If, due to COVID-19 impacts, your business is not providing adventure activities at this time you may be able to shift your audit date out by up to six months.  If you operating there may be some flexibility available if you are struggling to know when you will be able to undertake a site visit.  WorkSafe has determined criteria that the audit providers need to address before they can offer you any flexibility.  This includes that the audit provider has ‘high confidence’ in your safety management system.  Contact your audit provider to discuss.         


    Assistance Available

    Wage Subsidy Extension

    The Government has reviewed its Budget 2020 release, to include all businesses showing a 40% drop in in revenue instead of a 50% drop. Businesses fall into this category will be given an eight-week extension of the wage subsidy.  The purpose of the wage subsidy scheme is to support employers adversely affected by COVID-19, so they can continue to pay their employees and support workers to ensure they continue to receive income, even if they are unable to work.  The wage subsidy is available to self-employed, contractors, sole traders, registered charities, incorporated societies and post-settlement governance entities.  You can apply for the Wage Subsidy Extension after your 12 week Wage Subsidy has finished and prior to the 1 September 2020.  Go to the Work and Income website for more information.

    Income Relief Payment

    If you lose your job (including self-employment) from 1 March 2020 to 30 October 2020 due to COVID-19 you may be eligible for the COVID-19 Income Relief Payment.  It’s available from 8 June 2020.  12 weeks of payments to help with the living costs after a sudden job loss, and give you time to find other work.  Apply on line from the 8 June 2020.

    Sport and Recreation Recovery Package

    On Sunday 17 May the Minister for Sport and Recreation Grant Robertson announced a $265m investment into the Sport and Recreation sector as part of Budget 2020.  The funding will be spread over four years and seek to achieve three outcomes. 

    1. Reset and Rebuild
    2. Strengthen and Adapt
    3. Different and Better

    Sport NZ will consult with the sector in the development of a plan to manage the funding. Details on this consultation process will be provided as a next step.

    Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund – Phase 2

    This fund provides financial support to play, active recreation and sport organisations who are experiencing financial hardship in the period 1 July to 30 September 2020, as a result of COVID-19.  The purpose is to ensure that those organisations are able to continue delivering quality physical active experiences to get Every Body Active in Aotearoa.  Applications welcome from those organisations that have not previously received funding from Sport NZ, and those that have received some support already through Community Resilience Fund in May/June 2020. Assistance for a broad range of costs including operational costs can be claimed for.

    Bushiness Advisory Funding

    The Government has allocated funding to support New Zealand businesses and service providers during COVID-19.  The funding will provide support in areas such as HR, health and wellbeing, business continuity, cashflow and finance management, strategy and digital capability.  The fund is only for commercial operators not for charitable or incorporated organisations.  You will go through a phone consultation and then will be issued vouchers to use with a consultant/advisor worth between $2000 - $5000.  Find out more and register here.  

    Other Funding Avenues

    The Gaming Trusts put a lot of money back into the community through sport and recreation.   Unfortunately, they too have been hit hard by COVID-19 and is expected they will have less money in the pool to apply for.  They will start back up under Alert Level 2.  Funding for Community Groups.

    Other funding avenues can be located on the Sport NZ website, however you will need to check if they are up and running again.

    If you are experiencing a cough, a high temperature (at least 38 degrees Celsius), shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing and runny nose and/or temporary loss of smell and have recently been overseas or have been in close contact with someone confirmed with COVID-19 please call the Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or your Doctor immediately.


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