2256: Sea Kayak 1 Training

    Sea Kayak 1 Training

    Course ID:2256
    Start Date:21-11-2020
    End Date: 22-11-2020
    Closing Date: 09-10-2020
    Member Price: 415.00
    Course Discipline: Sea Kayak
    Location: Christchurch
    Course Type: Training

    What is required to complete the application process::
    Medical Disclosure (you will fill this in as part of your online application).
    NZOIA Sea Kayak Summary Sheet
    Logbook - Sea Kayak

    This is a two-day course to help candidates prepare for the Sea Kayak 1 assessment.

    The holder of this qualification can organise and instruct 2-3 day Sea Kayaking trips in coastal, lake or open water areas where adverse conditions and limited periods of exposed coast may be encountered. Overnight camping sites are in established areas.

    Link to: Sea Kayak 1 Scope, Syllabus and Assessment Guide

    Sea Kayak Summary Sheet

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