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NZOIA's Name and Logo Guidelines

NZOIA logo Revise Final 2010 

The NZOIA name and logo are trademarked. Only current NZOIA members (with valid registered and revalidated qualifications) are entitled to describe themselves as NZOIA qualified and to use the NZOIA logo as per the guidelines below. Organisations whose instruction/guiding staff are NZOIA qualified instructors and those who have current Affiliated Membership and employ NZOIA registered staff may also use the NZOIA logo as per the guidelines below.

What you can do 

You can:

Say that you are a NZOIA member or are a NZOIA qualified instructor/guide if you are registered.

Say that your staff are NZOIA members or are NZOIA qualified instructors/guides if they are registered.

Say that your organisation is an Affiliated Member of NZOIA if you have current Affiliated Membership.

Use the logo in greyscale or the colour PMS 1795 format as supplied by NZOIA.


What you can't do

You may not:

Modify the logo in any way other than changing the size.

Use the name or logo if you're not a Full Member (with valid registered and revalidated qualifications), or do not employ NZOIA registered staff, or are not an Affiliated Member.

Give the impression that you or your employees are qualified when you do not hold current qualifications/registration.

Advertise yourself as NZOIA qualified if your qualification has expired or is on hold

Please let us know of people who promote themselves as NZOIA members or NZOIA qualified when they're not. We will follow up with them.


Website Use

Where the NZOIA logo is to be used on a member’s website, the member will provide a “link” to the NZOIA website (, either directly from the NZOIA logo on the member’s website, or from a links list on the member’s website.

We encourage Full Members with valid (registered and revalidated) qualifications to use the name and logo for promotional purposes. The logo can be downloaded below. Please ensure the NZOIA logo you use is current.

If you're unsure about how to use the name or logo in your particular situation, please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NZOIA logo Colour Download

NZOIA logo B&W Download

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