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Being a NZOIA Board Member is a voluntary role. Board Members volunteer their time in the interests of the sector and NZOIA members. Check out what they are doing on behalf of NZOIA members below:

March 2018  |  Board Talk

The Board met in Nelson in late March.  Agenda topics included discussion and reporting back on several initiatives the Board and staff have been working on in recent months, and other ongoing operational matters that staff were seeking feedback on or that needed Board sign off:

Strategic priorities and Strategic Plan revision – being led by Ben Corcoran

Mountain bike qualifications – Dave Mangnall course director for a first joint assessment with Skills Active in Rotorua on 30 April – 2 May.

Membership growth – Ashley Cheeseman and Cam Walker are underway on their membership advocacy roles in the central North Island and the Queenstown Lakes areas respectively, and Sonya is making good progress on new membership benefits

SUP quals – process with SUP NZ underway

Advocacy – exploring the possibility of NZOIA presentations at the physical educators conference (PENZ – Jo  Thompson/Matt Barker) and the Tourism Industry Summit (Cam Walker/Noel Saxon)

Qualification revalidation – tasked the NZOIA Technical Sub Committee (TSC) with considering additional flexibility for those needing to put their qualifications on hold

TSC membership – agreed to expand to 3 members

Business plan and financial reports and draft budget for 2018/19

Gill Wratt (Chair)

December 2017  |  Board Talk

The key topic on the agenda for the last Board meeting of the year, held on 1 December in Nelson, was membership growth and member support.  Sonya updated the Board on the work she has been doing  with the Board Advocacy and Membership Portfolio holders Cam, Matt and Noel on additional benefits that NZOIA could be offering members and initiatives to increase NZOIA’s membership.  We now have four organisations that have taken up NZOIA Affiliated membership and are receiving enquiries from others.
We considered a proposal from the NZ stand up paddle boarding organisation (NZSUP) to work with them to develop NZOIA SUP qualifications.  There are about 150 registered SUP instructors and 50 commercial SUP schools in NZ.  NZSUP are keen to offer a more rigorous instructor assessment process than they currently have, and see the NZOIA model as being able to provide that.  The Board decided to move forward with this, subject to NZSUP finding/providing funding to cover the costs. 
There was also a proposal from NZOIA member Toine Houtenbos for connecting with the international canyoning organisation ICOPro and developing an RCC process with them.  Toine will be working on this with support as needed from Penny and the NZOIA office.
Alignment between NZOIA and NZ Certificate outdoor recreation qualifications was again on the Board agenda, with Gill, Penny and Deb reporting on a meeting the previous day with Grant Davidson (SA CEO) and Maren Frerichs (SA General Manager Industry Engagement).  Penny and Deb are meeting again with Maren, before Xmas to finalise the process for a joint SA/NZOIA mountain bike assessment in March/April next year. 
So lots on the agenda, plus the regular financials, health and safety, business plan update, and TSC update.
Best wishes to you all from the Board for Xmas and New Year, and some great outdoor adventures.

Gill Wratt (Chair)     

November 2017   |    Board Talk

Following another excellent NZOIA Symposium at Rotoiti Lodge, the Board met in Nelson in mid October.  A key focus for the meeting was the alignment between NZOIA and NZ Certificate outdoor recreation qualifications – as discussed at the Symposium session with the Board.  We invited Skills Active CEO Grant Davidson and Industry Engagement GM Maren Frerichs for this topic, and had a constructive discussion with them, in particular around the new “Core” requirements for the NZ Certificate qualifications.  Working with SA on how the broader range of safety and management aspects of the Core can be aligned with the NZOIA awards and assessment processes will be a priority over the next few months.

Another key strategic initiative is membership growth.  Sonya is working with the Board Advocacy & Membership portfolio holders – Cam Walker, Matt Barker and Noel Saxon, on a number of initiatives including membership retention, member benefits, Affiliated and Associate memberships, and profiling in the adventure tourism, education and community sectors.

Following member feedback at the AGM, there have been some suggestions come forward on rewording the statement in the NZOIA Code of Ethical Practice on working in scope.  Jo Thompson will look further at these.  We will also be reminding members of what is in the CoEP.

Other agenda items were the regular financials, health and safety, business plan update, and TSC update. 

Gill Wratt - Chair


August 2017   |    Board Talk

Strategic planning for the next 3 years was the main focus of the Board meeting last month.  With Sport NZ funding now in place through until 1 July 2020, the Board is looking at what we think NZOIA should look like in 3 years time.

We identified three key questions/areas of focus:

  • Funding model – what can we expect in future grant funding and should we further review our membership/assessment/course fee model
  • Membership – what are the opportunities to further grow NZOIA’s membership and how do we capitalise on these
  • Alignment with NZ Certificate qualifications – recognising that NZOIA qualifications are valued in the “market place”, how to best to continue to make them available in the context of NZ Certificate developments, and where to with the alignment process with Skills Active.

We will run a session at the Symposium/AGM on these topics, but in the interim if you have views on NZOIA’s strategic directions you would like us to hear drop an email or pick up the phone to your elected Board members (contact details are on the website), or email the NZ Board at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other agenda items were the regular financials, health and safety, business plan update, and TSC update, and review of the NZOIA Code of Ethical Practice for Outdoor Instructors.  Jo Thompson (Martindale) is leading the process for consideration of any revisions at the AGM so drop her a line if you have any views on that - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Gill Wratt - Chair


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